Kirsten Guldbrandsen

      We have some big news… Our executive chef Kirsten Guldbrandsen is now our business partner.  Kirsten joined The Pantry well before the first morsel of food ever hit the pan, and she has been with our organization ever since.  10 years ago Thierry and I started The Pantry together.  It has been a great deal of work, lots of time + money invested to get the ball rolling, and our fair share of frustrations with the task of running a business like this.  Kirsten has been instrumental in making The Pantry a success - we are so happy to have her join us as a business partner.

I have been cooking since the age of 13, and had my hands in the food business my entire life. One great chef for whom I worked in France, explained to me simply that cream always rises to the top. I have made that my mantra. Always be the best I could be.  In no small way, the success of The Pantry is due to the hard work of many, many employees (and it truly is a team effort); however one person stands head and shoulders above the rest…....Kirsten Guldbrandsen.  Pictured below with her father Dale, enjoying the sunset.