Fairfield’s number 1 Gourmet SHOP...                              The Pantry is open 7 days to serve you.  We are located in Fairfield center at 1580 Post Rd.  Catering & Serving Fairfield, Westport, Trumbull, easton, Monroe, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stratford, Bridgeport. Offering delivery to your home, office or party CALL 203- 259 - 0400       



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   Established in 2003 by a collaberation of chefs & food lovers the idea for a great place to shop & buy specialty foods, has blossomed into a bustling marketplace stocked with an array of products and services for today's savvy consumer.  We offer fresh top quality butchered meats & seafood. Award winning desserts and pastries, restaurant quality prepared foods & catering services, a full deli and salad bar as well as groceries, produce & floral and gift baskets.  The Pantry is open 7 days a week to serve you.

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       Download our online donation submission form by clicking here.  We receive hundreds of requests every year and most are responded to within days.  We ultimately will get back to you!!  Please note: That our primary focus is geared towards local charities & causes, schools, fire & police etc.  We try to spread out what we can throughout the year.  Our wish is global, our reach is local.  Note that we do not take catered food donation requests at all during the months of November or December or preceding any major holidays.