Our Butcher & Meats Department


   At The Pantry the focus has always been on quality meats & seafood.  We bring in some of the best free range chicken around, known as Free Bird Chicken.  It's all we use, no matter if we are making chicken potpie, chicken salad or cutting up raw chicken for our clientele to cook at home.  Sure, we could cook with the cheap stuff, but that's not what we are about, we like to take the high road and use the best.  Likewise we carry CAB (Certified Angus Beef) in our meat department, and we handle that equation the same way in the kitchen..… it's all we use to cook with.  So if you are having a roast beef sandwich in our deli, know you are having one of the best available brands out there.  You will also find delicious Colorado lamb and heritage bred Duroc pork amongst other brands in our case.  Need a custom cut? No problem - just ask one of our 4 on staff butchers to have your order ready when you arrive and it will be here waiting for you. 

   Gerry Ballone & Miguel Reyes head up the meat department at The Pantry, they are the expert "old school" on staff butchers. “The first key to being a good butcher, I find, is to know your customer,” says Ballone after waving to an elderly customer he knows on a first-name basis. He continues, “You come to know their buying patterns and exactly what cuts they are looking for.” Both he and Reyes served as meat managers before coming to The Pantry.  Rounding out the department are Carlos & Bert, both seasoned veterans in food & meat.  You would be hard pressed to find four nicer guys.  Maria helps out in the meat area dishing up prepared foods & lending a hand to her co-workers when they are pressed.  She always has a smile on her face behind the counter.

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   You will find a hybrid of small town butcher shop with real meat cutters behind the counter to handle any special requests plus the convenience of a self - service meat case.  We are all about customer service, so - it was important for us to maintain that one on one relationship that a customer has with the local butcher.  Among our customer favorites are the hand pressed beef patties & slider patties.  We grind in small batches on site, so clients are getting a great burger every time.  We also grind and prepare our own Italian sausage in link & patty form.  Other popular meat department favorites are the flank steak pinwheel with our proprietary seasoning marinade, provolone & aged Serrano ham or the petit filet with a dusting of dry rub - just pop it on the grill!!  Customers love our home made meatballs & sausages.  The list goes on & on.  We try to blend the standard cuts found everywhere with enough value added, interesting items that change on a seasonally rotating basis.  It seems to be just right.