Kirsten is the Executive Chef, she has been there since pre-opening & has a number of talents aside from being a great chef and a great person.  She is the "Martha Stewart" of our shop, has a way with flowers & displays and is just as calm and collected as a librarian even when the heat is on in the kitchen.  Her former boss gave me the recommendation that she was "the jewel in the rough" - Damn was he ever spot on.  She is the heart & soul of the store.  This is a photo of Kirtsen & Dale (her father) sharing a sunset.

Kirsten is also a CIA graduate and has worked her way across the country and back in many of the finest food establishments around including San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, CA & Rough Creek Lodge near Dallas, TX.  She is a native of Vermont and is our biggest proponent of locally sourced & organic ingredients.

This year we have made Kirsten our partner in the store… she has been with us since the very first day (actually a couple of months prior to our opening) & we have joined forces with her as our Executive Chef/Partner @ The Pantry.  Congrats Kirky!