Everybody Else !


   You know... there are lots of people & personalities behind The Pantry, and everyone brings to the table some different attribute.  We have many, many hard working individuals at the shop.  Some people have been here for the entire time since we opened, others come and go.  It would be difficult to acknowledge everyone individually on a web page, so as a group - these people are a great bunch.  Good spirited, friendly, diverse and colorful.  In our brief history we have been lucky enough to weather a tough build out of our space, a not so great economy, a global financial meltdown, a huge learning curve and several other curveballs.  It is with the efforts of everyone, past and present, who have chiseled their own personal imprint of how The Pantry has been shaped.  Whether it was for better or worse, we have learned, moved forward and grown as a small indepedent business and as a group of people,  I like to think we are getting better each day.  This is a shot at our holiday party - OK, maybe not the best group photo ever, but it will be better next year

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